Air Bag Fault Codes

This page is about air bag problems that turn on the dash warning lamp.

Check Air Bag Light Code:

There are several ways to conduct an airbag check. Making sure your airbag is working properly can help reassure that you and your passengers are safe. So, check to see if your airbag system is operating correctly.

Most cars today can do an airbag diagnostic test. The test checks to see if all the sensors and circuits of the airbag are functioning. If the system detects any problems, it gives you a signal through the airbag indicator by flashing the light several times, giving you the specific problem the test has detected. These flashes are codes, each having its own meaning.

SRS Place In Car

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Warning Light

The supplemental restraint system (SRS) warning light is most commonly known as the airbag system light. This is a computer controlled system designed to deploy one or more driver, passenger, and side airbags.

How to read air bag codes ?

If SRS light is already flashing the vehicle may already be displaying fault codes, skip to step 5. Please Note:When code reading is finished the vehicle must be returned to normal operation mode. Refer to step 7.

  1. Turn ignition ON.
  2. The SRS warning light will come ON for 7 seconds then go out. Turn the ignition OFF within 1 second of the lamp going out
  3. Wait 3 seconds then repeat the above steps 3 times.
  4. Switch ignition back ON and wait for the SRS light to begin flashing.
  5. Read codes as described in the Code Format Description below.
  6. Press the continue button to enter the code numbers and get the code description.
  7. To return vehicle to normal operation mode:
  8. Ensure ignition is OFF then turn ignition ON.
  9. Operate drivers's door switch (interior light) 5 times within 7 seconds of turning ignition ON
  10. Turn ignition OFF
  1. Remove ash tray from console panel
  2. Using a socket set, remove 4 hex head screws from console panel
  3. Pull console panel out of the two clips
  4. Remove connector from Passenger Airbag Disable module in console panel and take console panel to a work bench
  5. Remove 2 phillips head screws to remove the airbag key module
  6. Carefully unclip the plastic tabs that hold the airbag key module case together
  7. Remove circuit board from airbag key module housing
  8. To prepare the module housing I drilled a 1/4" hole through the clear lens allowing my particular LED to be attached through that hole
  9. Now carefully unsolder the blown light bulb
  10. Then you are able to solder on the new LED *polarity matters* with that in mind the negative on the circuit board is closest to the outer edge of the circuit board
  11. Reassemble the PAD Module and put it back into the console panel and then put everything back together on the dash in the reverse order of removal.

Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable and wait at least 2 full minutes for the circuit to completely discharge before proceeding.


Failure to fully deplete the backup power supply could result in an accidental deployment and possible injury.

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